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Edwin K. Silverman, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Associate Physician
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Research Affiliations

Alpha-1 Foundation

Research Interests

My goal is to combine research in the genetic epidemiology of complex diseases with clinical practice in pulmonary and critical care medicine. In an effort to merge my doctoral training in genetic epidemiology with my clinical training in pulmonary and critical care medicine, I have focused my research efforts on the genetic epidemiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. The primary goal of my research has been to combine field, laboratory, and analytical approaches to address the challenging problems involved in elucidating the genetic influences in complex diseases. Field work involves applying my pulmonary and critical care training to study design and data collection of relevant phenotypes in obstructive lung diseases. Laboratory work includes supervising sample processing and implementing genotyping and sequencing assays. Analytical work involves employing my training in genetic epidemiology to apply a range of methods including assessment of risk to relatives, linkage analysis, association studies, and rare variant analysis.

I am involved in a variety of genetic epidemiology studies at the Channing Laboratory and Pulmonary and Critical Care Division of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. For the past fifteen years, I have been the Principal Investigator of an extended pedigree study designed to identify novel genetic determinants of early-onset COPD (Boston Early-Onset COPD Study). We are in the process of performing two multicenter COPD genetics studies which will include genome-wide association analysis. I am the Principal Investigator of the Transcontinental COPD Genetics Study, which is investigating genetic determinants of COPD in diverse ethnic groups, and I am one of two Principal Investigators of the Genetic Epidemiology of COPD Study (COPDGene), which is creating a large cohort of COPD cases and controls with comprehensive pulmonary phenotyping (including chest CT scans) for genome-wide association analysis. In addition, I am the Principal Investigator of a collaborative study to identify genetic modifiers of severe alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. I am also collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline on several studies of COPD genetics, including the International COPD Genetics Network (I am one of the two Principal Investigators) and the ECLIPSE Study (I am on the Steering Committee). In addition to COPD genetics research, I have also served as a co-investigator on a variety of family-based association studies of the genetics of asthma, including the Childhood Asthma Management Program Genetics Ancillary Study, the Genetics of Latino Americans Study, and a study of the genetics of asthma in Costa Rica.

Selected Publications

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