Question Index: Physical Activity


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Physical Activity: On an average weekday/weekend day, how much time did you spend on:
- Vigorous activity (eg. Jogging)
- Moderate activity (eg. Walking)
Does your health now limit you in any of these activities? (a lot, a little, none at all)
-Vigorous activities (running, etc.)
-Moderate activities (bowling, etc.)
-Lifting groceries
-Climbing stairs
-Walking more than a mile
-Walking several blocks
-Walking one block
-Bathing/dressing yourself
x x x
How often do you engage in any regular activity enough to break a sweat? (# of times per week, duration) x x
How many flights of stairs do you climb daily? x x x x x x x x
How many blocks do you walk daily? x
What is your walking pace? x x x x x x x
During past year, average time/week you participated in: walking, jogging, running, bicycling, swimming, tennis, aerobics, racquet ball. (chart) x x x x x x x x
Hours per week spent sitting (home, work) x x x
Hours per week spent standing (home, work) x x x
Hours per week "other" sitting x x
Between 18-22, how often did you participate in strenuous physical activity (>twice/week) x